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Experience True Sicilian Cuisine at Le Tre Farine, Catania

Le Tre Farine Catania

Experience Authentic Sicilian Flavors at Le Tre Farine in Catania

Embrace the spirit of Catania’s vibrant culinary scene with a visit to a distinctive local spot – Le Tre Farine. Located near Cifalino (book with us), our charming holiday home, this eatery uniquely embodies the essence of Catania, providing a mix of traditional and innovative Sicilian cuisine.

An Eclectic Menu That Promises to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Le Tre Farine offers an extensive menu crafted with passion and the freshest ingredients. Kick start your evening with their assorted cocktails, whether be a classic Negroni or a Sicilian Spritz, their expert mixologists have your pre-dinner drinks covered.

The starter menu bursts with flavors, from the classic Bruschetta Margherita to the inventive Bruschetta Pistacchio, each carrying the secret touch of Sicily. And don’t miss their patate fritte with their intriguing toppings of pistachio and melted cheddar.

Le Tre Farine’s gnocchi offerings blend tradition and innovation in a mind-blowing way. With options like Gnocchi Pistacchio, Gnocchi Carbonara, and Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe available, your experience at Le Tre Farine can only get better.

If you’re hungrier, dive into their large-sized Pizza Burger offerings, where typical pizza flavors fuse with the guilty pleasure of a burger. Their Pistacchioso and Carbonara 2.0 come with an exciting interplay of layers, leaving you indulged and satisfied.

With a selection of traditional pizzas, including the beloved Margherita and Capricciosa, Le Tre Farine reassures you that old is indeed gold. But their creativity really shines in their special pizza concoctions. The much-loved Pistacchiosa and the tantalizing Pizza Dani are sectors where the traditional flavors meet modern innovation in a piquant symphony of taste.

Wrapping up your dining journey with a selection of artisan beers, refreshing beverages, and a catch-up with the local crowd completes a perfect evening at Le Tre Farine.

Le Tre Farine: A Neighborhood Gem Near Cifalino

The close proximity to Cifalino, our holiday home in Catania, allows guests a unique experience of stepping out and being instantly embraced by the warm aroma of freshly baked bread, the sight of handcrafted pizzas, and the overall inviting atmosphere of Le Tre Farine.

Stay with us

Staying at Cifalino isn’t just about discovering Catania, it’s about immersing oneself in the local culture with experiences that encapsulate the heart of the city. A visit to Le Tre Farine, a neighborhood gem that embraces and amplifies the soulful culinary tradition of Sicily, assures just that and so much more.

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